Tammy M

Pet Sitter

Tammy McCure has a love for animals that spans back to childhood having  9 rabbits, a dog and a cat.  She started working directly with dogs about 4 years ago when she started volunteering at the Chows Pet Rescue as a dog walker.  Then she became the doggie daycamp counselor at Best Friends Inc. in Sacramento, CA.  She was in charge of supervising and playing with the large dogs. In addition, she has cared for dogs on overnights while their parents are away. Tammy has since moved back to IL and is volunteering at Anderson Animal shelter and working as a pet sitter and walker.

Tim R

Dog Trainer

Tim is an experienced, CPDT certified, professional dog obedience trainer and behavioral consultant.  Tim has years of experience working with dogs of all ages, breeds, temperaments, and behavioral challenges. Including separation anxiety, hyperactivity, fear issues, aggression, house soiling, excessive barking, destructiveness, puppy concerns, and difficult/stressful relationships with other family members.  Tim utilizes balanced training methods to teach obedience and modify unwanted behaviors, and brings genuine enthusiasm and sincere love of dogs to the training process.