Pet Sitting

15 Minute Visit – $12 
30 Minute Visit – $17
45 Minute Visit – $25
60 Minute Visit – $30
Overnight Visit  – $80

More than 2 pets: $5 additional charge per pet
Evening Pricing: $5 additional charge for all visits after 7:00pm.
Holiday Pricing: An additional $10 per visit will be added for all holidays. Holidays include: New Years Eve, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day.
FinniganPets are happiest when they’re in their own home. With our pet sitting service, you let them stay in their own familiar environment even when you can’t be there. We will come in and care for your pets once, twice, three or four times per day as needed, making every attempt to maintain your pet’s regular routine.  In order to keep your dog as happy and healthy as possible, we request at least three visits per full day that you are away for any dog sitting service.  You can also substitute one visit with a Wild Dog Adventure for no extra charge!  Each pet sitting visit can be scheduled for 15,  30, 45 or 60 minutes in length and includes the following:

• All the love, hugs, tummy rubs, and attention your pet needs

• Fresh food, water and treats

• Walks, exercise and playtime

• Potty breaks and cleanup of pet waste

• Medication administration

• Cleaning/tidying up of pet areas

• Collecting newspaper, mail and packages

• Watering your indoor/outdoor plants within reason

• Alternating lights and blinds

• Putting out trash

• Caring for your outdoor wildlife (squirrels/birds)

• Any other reasonable pet or home related tasks—we personalize every visit to accommodate you and your pets needs!

We Love Cats, too!

Jack in a TreeWe understand that cats need a different kind of attention.  Whether playful or peaceful, your kitty will receive just the amount of attention they prefer.  With a good cuddle and full bowl of food and water, they’ll stay perfectly pleased in our care. In addition to feeding, watering and playtime, visits include a thorough litter box cleaning to ensure your cat feels happy, clean and healthy. We are flexible as to the number of times we’ll schedule to come by each day.  Just let us know how often your cat would like some company.

Small Mammal & Reptile Care

From the tiny and furry to the large and scaly, we love them all!  With over 18 years of experience caring for pets of all shapes and sizes we know how hard it is to find care for the more exotic species of pets.  Your vacation pet sitter will discuss your pet’s needs and work out a pricing plan based on the time commitment involved. Minimum cost for exotic pet care – $12Adelaid Includes feeding and watering your pet once a day, and making sure your home is safe and secure while you are away. We also offer habitat maintenance, pick-up of live food (crickets, mice, etc.), love, and playtime.  Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

What Makes Our Service Different

We’re different. In a good way.

We offer a team of highly trained professionals.

Wild Things Pet Services hires skilled employees, not independent contractors. What does this mean to you? By law, a company is not legally allowed to train independent contractors or direct them in how a job is to be performed. In other words, there is no quality control. In order to guarantee that all of our clients receive exceptional care, Wild Things employees undergo extensive training. This training includes but is not limited to:

  • How to conduct themselves in a client’s home and on walks, and what is required of them during their visits.
  • Interpreting animal body language, understanding how our body language is interpreted by dogs and cats, and how they should respond to signs of fear or stress in order to help the pet feel safe and comfortable.
  • Basic training techniques.
  • An introduction to common health problems in dogs and cats, and how to do a head to tail health assessment.
  • PetTech Pet First Aid & CPR *Petsaver Training
  • Field Testing – during which they must be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the training they received, above average attention to detail, the ability to follow instructions, and a true passion for pets!

We value consistency.

We value high-quality care and stable, reliable relationships with our clients and their pets. Unlike many pet care companies, we do not rotate staff members between jobs on a daily basis. As a Wild Things pack member your pet will see the same familiar, caring face each day. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing there aren’t different people coming in and out of your home.

We know the importance of having a back-up.

Life is unpredictable. People get sick, cars won’t start, family emergencies occur. Our main priority is to keep this from ever affecting your pet’s care. This is why the team approach is so important. If your regular care provider is unavailable you will be provided a backup walker. Whenever possible, we will give you enough notice so that you can set up a time to meet them if you wish to do so.