Jenny R

Pet Sitter

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Julie W

Pet Sitter
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Jennifer T

Pet Sitter

Hello my name is Jennifer.

I have been passionate about animals since before I can remember. From what my parents told me even at a young age I had the ability to “speak dog”. Through the years I have also learned to speak cat, bird and fish!! (My wish is to add reptiles, amphibians and horses to that list soon). I have been so fortunate to be able to work with animals for the last 14 years in my career. I became a Certified Dog Groomer in 2006 and after a few years of grooming it was suggested to me to make my natural ability with dogs “official” and become a Dog Trainer. So I did! I became a Certified Dog Trainer in 2010 from ABC (Animal Behavioral College) and I developed a clientele of dogs considered “ungroomable” at other facilities. Not only was I able to groom them; I was also able to correct the behaviors that they came with. I have had parents tell me that they were planning on euthanizing their dog because they did not know what else to do before they met me. Unfortunately I had developed a decent case of asthma that forced me out of the Grooming world.. but not out of the animal world. I am still here and I want to help!! My motto is: I take the time to get to know your pet, but most importantly I take the time for your pet to get to know me.

Justin L

Pet Sitter

Hello! My name is Justin. I am currently studying psychology at Judson university. I love taking walks and long hikes around town with pups. I’ve had dogs of all sizes all throughout my life. I learned so much about personalities and body language as time has passed by.
Animals honestly make me super happy and I think they can sense that! I try my best to give everyone the best care, even if that means giving them a little space when they want to be alone.
Some things about me: I am 22 years old, I am a veteran of the Marine Corps, I love sports (playing them or watching), and I enjoy teaching kids about school or anything really. It is my goal to put a smile on someone’s face every day!